New York Times
#1 Best-Selling Diet

Fast, Safe and Long-Lasting Results

New York Times
#1 Best-Selling Diet

Fast, Safe and Long-Lasting Results
The Globally-Renowned Diet Featured In:
The Globally-Renowned Diet Featured In:

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Dr. Michael Moreno has helped millions reach their goals and now he can help you every step of the way to achieve yours with his globally recognized diet.

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A Realistic Approach for Rapid Results

Each cycle has a specific purpose, beginning with a body detox. Each cycle introduces new food combinations that work together to burn fat using a process called “metabolic confusion.”
Because the Diet works in cycles, it has built-in mechanisms for avoiding plateau in each phase to keep your metabolism in a constant state of fat-burning!

The Effectiveness of The 17 Day Diet

This program consists of four (4) 17 day cycles. It’s worth mentioning each cycle includes unlimited amount of foods, so that you’re never left feeling hungry. You’ll experience:


Here’s what scientific studies show about the immediate results of healthy eating on the 17 Day Diet:
In 15 Minutes
…of eating a healthy breakfast you’ll start to feel energetic and mentally alert as your body uses those nutrients to their full potential.
In 6 Hours
…your body’s “good cholesterol” will perk up and scour “bad cholesterol” from your bloodstream.
After 12 Hours
…of avoiding sugars, your body will be focused on burning fat rather than using valuable energy to process those extra sugars.
After 24 Hours
…your body will flush excess water and toxins, and you can expect to be 1 to 2 pounds lighter!



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“It’s been exactly one year since I started my weight loss journey. I can conclude that The 17 Day Diet definitely works! It’s changed my life in so many ways! I started at 260 and now weigh 182 - a 78 pound loss! I went from a size 26/28 to a 12/14. If I can do can do it! It’s never too late to get healthy.”

Bonnie M.
17 Day Diet

"I feel like I am part of the 17 DD family. I bought the hardcover book almost ten years ago. It was great to read the words that Dr. Mike wrote... but, to see him and hear him talk about the diet is monumental. Dr. Mike and his team have made sure that I feel supported and encouraged everyday. I have lost 30 pounds and I know that I can achieve anything with this much support!"

Steve A.
17 Day Diet

“Before finding this plan, I was in pain. I was bloated. I couldn’t sleep comfortably. I had heartburn, heel spurs, sinus headaches and absolutely no energy. Not to mention, emotionally, I was sad and withdrawn. I’ve lost 87 pounds in 15 months and now I sleep amazing, my heel spurs are gone, I have no more heartburn and no more hot flashes! I’m never sick and I have energy to go all day! Also, I am happy and mentally strong! This plan has changed me inside and out."

Melissa E


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