The 17 Day Kick-Start Diet

The 17 Day Kick-Start Diet


The New York Times bestselling author of the revolutionary The 17 Day Diet returns with a three-step weight loss program that promotes plant-based eating and other accessible strategies that will effectively reset your bad habits and help you learn how to automatically make healthy decisions for life.
Since the success of The 17 Day Diet, Dr. Mike Moreno has been the paragon of good health. But when he experienced a series of drastic setbacks, including a divorce, family deaths, and a painful injury, his health began to deteriorate. He gained weight, started smoking cigars, and let his exercise routine fall by the wayside. After a wake-up call, he got back on track and now, he reveals the effective and easy-to-use program he used to reclaim his health.
Featuring delicious meal planning, manageable movement strategies, and supportive wellness rituals, The Kick-Start Diet is a clear-cut guide that proves it is never too late to achieve optimal health. Within seventeen days, you will start losing weight, reduce inflammation, and experience new levels of energy and focus. Designed around three crucial phases that will detoxify and inspire you, this book will effortlessly show you how your new lifestyle can make good health a guarantee.
“The world has changed, and so have our lives, and what we need now is a diet plan that can meet us where we are and help us increase our resilience without depriving us of joy. It’s a paradigm shift, really.”



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"Thank you Dr Mike for changing my life with your breakthrough! Since 2016, the 17 Day Diet has never failed me! Even when I skip the gym and just walk...I still lose 10 to 15 pounds every single time I do it! I love and appreciate Dr. Mike for caring enough about us to create challenges to keep us on track when we fall off, and for working side by side with us in the incredible support communities!"

Dr. Vernice W.
17 Day Diet Cycle 1

"I started the 17 Day Diet and lost 30 lbs. in just 3 months! People are starting to notice without them knowing I’m on a diet! My husband joined me and lost 17lbs. during the first 17 days!! The 17 Day Diet works!"

Hannah B.
17 Day Diet Cycle 1

"I lost 39lbs. - forever! Thank you for the inspiration and support! I'm never going back to my old eating habits again. I'm going to maintain my new-found fabulousness!"

Alison C.
17 Day Diet Cycle 1