The Zoom Boom: Plastic Surgery Trends with Dr. Drew Ordon

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plastic surgery trends


DR. MIKE MORENO: Welcome back to Wellness Inc. I’m Dr. Mike Moreno taking a deep dive into all things wellness after over 25 years of practicing medicine. I’m fascinated with anything and everything that can help you feel better, live healthier and become the best you possible. I’ll be interviewing the most cutting-edge experts in the field of wellness and exploring new innovative technologies to help you live your best life. At the end of each episode, I’ll give you my weekly RX, my top tips for you to use right away. Remember to subscribe for free, rate and review my podcast on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen.

I am really excited for today’s show. I have one of my favorite people on the show and we are going to talk about a topic that is always a favorite. The hottest trends in plastic surgery. Now that we’re all doing so much of our work and socializing on screens, we have the blessing and curse of seeing ourselves in real time so much more often. What impact is that having on people when it comes to cosmetic surgery and enhancements? What are the things you need to know to keep yourself safe and looking and feeling your best? Why have just the man to give you the answers to those questions and more?

Our guest today is a board certified plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills and has been for over 3 decades. He is also a professor of plastic surgery at USC. And if those things weren’t keeping him busy enough, he’s also an Emmy nominated host of the award-winning television show The Doctors. He is the man when it comes to plastic surgery, and I’m proud to say he’s also a close colleague and friend of mine. Welcome, Dr. Drew Ordon.

DR. DREW ORDON: Thank you so much, Michael, and you hit the nail on the head. We are colleagues, we are friends, we go way back. I remember the days when you were a regular co-host with us on The Doctors. We had a good run doing those shows and I miss them.

DR. MIKE MORENO: So much fun. I’m going to let everybody know right now we are colleagues beyond even knowing each other. We both are UC Irvine anteater grads.

DR. DREW ORDON: That’s right, you mentioned USC, but we are anteaters at heart, right?

DR. MIKE MORENO: That’s right. I love that. I got to tell you; you want to define the word sweet man. This is the guy. He’s the most amazing surgeon ever, but let me tell you, this is a sweet guy. The first time I met him on the set, we recognized we were both UC Irvine anteaters, and it was good stuff ever since.

DR. DREW ORDON: It really has, and UC Irvine’s are doing well, Michael. I mean, it’s rated up there and has a lot of illustrious alums. Medical school is doing well, cutting edge stuff.

DR. MIKE MORENO: A lot of good stuff. Well, listen, let’s get to some good stuff. Speaking of good stuff, you know, you’re a busy man, you’re everywhere these days. I can imagine with this pandemic and all of the things that are happening, things are always evolving in your field. So, you know what, 2 years ago, I had never heard of Zoom, and now it’s like, that’s all you hear about. So, let’s talk a little bit about your profession

DR. DREW ORDON: Michael, we’re zooming right now, right?

DR. MIKE MORENO: Yes! That’s right, it’s unavoidable. So, let’s talk a little bit about this Zoom boom and what’s going on in your field.

DR. DREW ORDON: Well, it started with social media, and we’ve been talking about the social media effect, people taking still photos of themselves and how that’s driven them to get elective plastic surgery, whether it just be something as simple as fillers or Botox to something a little more invasive, but the zoom boom is a whole new thing because everybody is producing their own little, their own little TV shows, whether it’s for work, whether it’s a party, a virtual wedding. I mean, we are literally doing everything virtually and like everyone else, you want to look your best. We’re not used to analyzing ourselves that closely on the screen, but the Zoom boom puts it right in our face and guess what, Michael? It is driving business.

DR. MIKE MORENO: You know, it’s funny because we look in the mirror every day, but when you look in the mirror, you fix your hair, you do your thing, you’re out the door. Now it’s like you’re looking at yourself on the screen, you’re like, oh my god, do I really look like this? Or is my hair screwed up or whatever it is?

DR. DREW ORDON: I’ve done some of this for our viewers, just tips for when you zoom. I mean, it is all about lighting and flattering angles. If you need to use a little bit of makeup, that’s fine. You know, certain things that you’re wearing may improve your neckline or jawline. So, you have to be your best producer and director to be at your best on Zoom.

DR. MIKE MORENO: Yeah. We are going to get into a few things that I know you do, and you do extremely well. You are such a talented guy on so many levels, but let me ask you, you have been doing this for decades, as we spoke of earlier, did you ever see things going in the direction where they are in terms of your field?

DR. DREW ORDON: No, I mean, there is nothing that I do now, the way I did it during my training and during residency. Sure, rhinoplasty is rhinoplasty, facelift is facelift. Breast enlargement is breast enlargement, but everything has so dramatically changed. We have learned so much over those 3 decades that nothing is what it was when I learned, and the good news is that I tried to stay current. I brought in young associates and partners. I’m involved in teaching the fellows and trust me, we get these phenomenal fellows from the best programs. Michael, I’m learning with them. I mean, they are showing you the latest and greatest from their programs. So, all of that being said, no, nothing is the same. There’s new procedures and new technology. Everything is improved. Operations that did not even exist back then are some of the most common things we do.

DR. MIKE MORENO: So, we’re going to get into a few different things, but I want to go to something that I think a lot of people think when you say to someone, what’s the first thing you think of when someone says, “plastic surgery”? I think breast implants or breast augmentation is probably boom, first thing that comes to mind. So, let’s talk a little bit about breast augmentation.

DR. DREW ORDON: Depends how big you want to go. That’s usually not something that you can hide. I mean, typically you get breast augmentation, people are going to be staring at it and be like “oh that’s a change”.

DR. MIKE MORENO: Right, exactly. So, let’s talk a little bit about this breast implant illness that you’re seeing. Talk a little bit about this and what do people need to know?

DR. DREW ORDON: I’m glad we’re talking about it; I think it’s important. I first want to preface that having done thousands of breast augmentations, I still say it’s one of the best, safest, most predictable procedures we do uniformly. Women, for the most part, are very happy that they did it, but like anything else, Michael, nothing is 100%. Penicillin is a great drug, but some people can’t take it well.

Whenever you introduce something foreign to the body, in this case, we’re talking about a silicone breast implant. I think some people’s bodies just do not react well to it. I think the body is constantly working, let’s say, like a smoldering, not an infection, but inflammation that as we know, if this is going on all the time, it can wear on your body as a whole and your immune system in general. So, there is a group of women who, after having had implants, develop symptoms and they couldn’t find another reason other than their implants and they had them removed. A lot of these women feel a lot better after the implants are removed.

DR. MIKE MORENO: Wow. So, it’s not just, you know, you talk about scarring and keloids and talk about inflammation and infection, but you’re talking systemically.

DR. DREW ORDON: Well, yeah, and that’s what they’re saying, that it’s systemic. The body is responding, working on overload, if you will, when you remove that, that stimulus, that’s causing it. You know, Michael and kind of I can’t explain why a woman wakes up in the recovery room, her implants are out, and she goes, I feel great. It’s not going to happen overnight. I mean, is it the power of suggestion? Is it psychological? Is it placebo effect? I don’t think you can deny that these are also playing a part, but bottom line is a lot of women are seeking this out and are glad that they’re doing it. Again, I want to go back to I don’t want to scare anybody out there, but for the overwhelming majority, 99% of people, it’s a safe and effective operation.

DR. MIKE MORENO: Well, and you mentioned it. I mean, here’s the thing. Medicine, the human body is such a complex entity. You just don’t know. When you talk about, I mentioned the word keloids for people out there who are listening to know what keloids are. It is a scar that just doesn’t stop scarring and you don’t know who you are until you have an incision and lo and behold, as it heals, it doesn’t heal like normal people. Point being the body is a very, very difficult, complex entity, and the way it responds to whether medications or surgeries or whatever it is, sometimes you just don’t know.

DR. DREW ORDON: You don’t and complex entity, for sure and guess what, everybody is different. You’re talking about scarring. We all heal and scar a little bit differently. We know that certain populations are more likely to form hypertrophic scars or keloids, whereas other groups do fine. It’s just individual variation. That’s why you need to know your body. If you have a history of not healing well, then that’s something to consider. Maybe you would not be a good candidate for plastic surgery.

DR. MIKE MORENO: Right. You just do not know. I think you have to really talk to your doctor and really do your homework and really find someone- I don’t know, you know, when you talk about, what do I know? But I’ll say this if you’re going to a surgeon, you know, to me, it’s I’m going to someone who’s been doing this for a long, long time, right? You become better at what you do. Whatever it is, if it is shooting free throws, you become better because you shoot free throws every day, all day, for years and years and years. You may come from the best college in the land and be the best free throw shooter, but I’ll tell you what, I’m going to go with the guy that’s been shooting free throws for decades, and if I’m going to go to surgery, I’m going to come to you. I mean, do you think that is a reasonable thing to say?

DR. DREW ORDON: Well, it is. Michael, a big part of my job and this is part of my training and being tested is doing a procedure, agreeing to do a procedure for the right reasons. The patient is doing it for themselves, not somebody else. They have realistic expectations, meaning that if they are 65, I can’t make them look 25. It’s not going to happen if they’re 5ft tall. I don’t think double breasts are probably the best way to go.

So, you want natural, realistic expectations and goals. Then you touched on it that this is elective surgery. So, you want to make sure that your body, #1 is a candidate, that you’re healthy enough, that you’re not so overweight that you’re not going to get a good result or diabetes that’s not controlled. If you’re a smoker, those are all issues that we have to also know and when to say no. So, you do these things first, then you can come back, and we can always do this elective surgery when everything is lined up properly.

DR. MIKE MORENO: It makes perfect sense. Let’s switch gears a little bit now you’re famous for something called the O-Lift. So, let’s talk about what the O-Lift is, and then let’s talk about the new O-Lift.

DR. DREW ORDON: Well, Michael, I started the lift because of Dr. Ordon. The “O”, right? I also when people see you after this lift, they’re going to go “ooh, my, you look so good”. That’s sort of the beginning of it. Michael, I didn’t reinvent the wheel, but what I’ve learned over decades of face-lifting little nuances to minimize how big the incision is to tighten not only the skin, but the underlying layer of muscle and connective tissue, and it’s all about the direction of pull. We don’t age like this, so you don’t want to pull back and get that scary roller coaster look. You want to put things gently back where they were. That is basically what I’m doing; what I’ve learned to do.

Now with the new “O” lift. I’m just being a little more aggressive with the neck that we’ve learned more and more about how to deal with the neck, those so-called bands, baptismal bands, and it’s not a facelift. Reversing aging is not just a facelift, we’re also combining adding some volume because we know that you lose volume with aging. So, it’s adding a little bit of fat, your own fat where you need it. Then finally, it’s doing some fractional CO2 laser, so it’s a combined facial rejuvenation with my original “O” lift.

DR. MIKE MORENO: I think the beauty of it is, as you commented, you know, we all want to age gracefully, but as you put it, the roller coaster look and we see a lot of people walking around, I think to myself, sometimes when you see people and you’re like, Wow, that’s it’s very obvious that they’ve had some work. You know what? Hey, to each their own. Whatever makes someone feel good about themselves. Hey, man, go for it, but I think we want to look natural. We want to have people scratch their head; you know.

DR. DREW ORDON: Michael, the good news is I think that’s one of the things that’s trending is natural results. I mean, I’ve always said a plastic surgery should not leave you looking plastic. That’s especially true now because we do have the techniques. As I said, things have improved so much. We know what works and what doesn’t work that we can give natural results. You said it, everybody’s different. I mean, I’ve had people say, “I want to look fake; I want to look done” …I want to put the brakes on them, but usually I can find like middle of the road and we agree how far we want to go.

DR. MIKE MORENO: Well, and you commented on this earlier, and I think it’s really important is that people have to have, you know, I’ve gone to medical school and have some very dear friends of mine who are plastic surgeons, but one of the things we talk about is they have to have realistic expectations. I think it’s important for people to recognize that, like you said, you can’t stretch someone from 5 feet to 6 feet. You can’t. It just does not happen.

DR. DREW ORDON: Right, there are definite limitations, I mean, I think to a certain extent, we can be miracle workers, but there are limitations.

DR. MIKE MORENO: Right, so you know, one of my dear friends always says to me, and I joke around with him. I’ve known this guy 30 something years and we always talk about medicine and my friend says to me, and he’s a plastic surgeon, he says, I’m changing lives and you know what he is. I think I look out there and I always joke around with it, but when you see what plastic surgery can do for someone’s confidence, never mind how they look, but when they feel confident they are more successful. You know, god, these days and they think it puts a smile on someone’s face. So, I think it is changing lives. I really, really do.

DR. DREW ORDON: No, and that’s why I gravitated towards this specialty. I mean, sure, if I’m dealing with trauma or cancer, which I did as part of my training. Sure, you’re really potentially saving a life, but in general, with elective aesthetic plastic surgery, you’re improving the quality of life. Somebody who’s been self-conscious about something all their lives, maybe even picked on or bullied or they feel that for whatever reason, they were left out. Well, if you can make a change on somebody when that’s the case, I mean, it really is a game changer, and it’s all about making them feel better about themselves.

DR. MIKE MORENO: It’s so true. All right, I want to switch to something that I’m a little curious about and I want to know. I know a lot of talk about high-def body sculpting. Now when you evolve to where we are now in computers and technology, what is going on with high-def body sculpting? What is it and what’s going on for men specifically in that particular field?

DR. DREW ORDON: What a great topic, something I love doing, and this is not your, your mother’s, your grandmother’s liposuction, I was one of the first to start doing lipo in the early 80s. It came from France and from Europe. I did some of the first courses and compared to what we are doing now it was so rudimentary. Big canisters, big instruments. We would not control the amount of bleeding. You just go in there and try to remove as much fat as you can. With that being said, we now have so much more control over liposuction. We have the laser ultrasonic assisted liposuction that first melts the fat so you can remove more fat and even weigh smaller instruments. We’re now finding that we’ve studied anatomy so much more so on the abdomen. You know that the out of the abdomen, ideally that six pack, you have high points and low points and etching and those oblique’s come in.

So, our mindset of what we can do with body sculpting now is so different than when we first started doing liposuction. It’s a great procedure for both men and women. As you know, liposuction not really an operation of pounds, but more inches. It’s not to lose weight, it’s more to give yourself better contours. Typically, it’s somebody who’s in pretty good shape who works out, but just can’t get to that to that next level.

DR. MIKE MORENO: Yeah, over the years now, all I do is I swim, I’m in the pool six days a week. I absolutely love it and you know; I stay really fit that way, but you know, I’ve talked to so many trainers and this and that over the days and they say, Well, you know that as you said, the six pack, right? It’s you can do it all right. You get to this point where maybe you’re satisfied and you’re happy, which is fine, right? To each their own, but when you want to take that extra level and you want to really push it, this is something you’re going to go to.

DR. DREW ORDON: Yeah, a lot of fitness people and bodybuilders, they go that, right? But I mean, it’s for everybody, it’s available for everybody. If you are really in it and want the best you can be, then it’s something maybe you want to consider.

DR. MIKE MORENO: So, I got to ask you this, so I’m imagining, and you touched on this, but with all this new technology, you’re seeing less scarring, less infection, less bleeding. I used to remember thinking about the traditional ways of liposuction doing, a tremendous amount of hematoma, which is heavy bruising and pain and discomfort and potentially infection. You’re seeing a lot less of that now?

DR. DREW ORDON: Yeah, 100%. What we do, we know that by injecting solutions, so-called tumescent solution into the area that we’re working, letting that sit and what that does, it helps dissolve the fat. It constricts the blood vessels. We’re using much more delicate instruments. We’re using ultrasonic assisted, or laser assisted liposuction. All of those things add up to less bruising, less bleeding, pure removal of fat. What we get in our canister back in the day, I mean, a lot of it, in certain cases, was blood. Now it’s pretty much pure fat, which we can take that fat and put it to good use. We don’t like to throw away that fat. We’ll find somewhere to put it, whether it be your face, your cheekbones, and your breast.

We’re talking about removing breast implants for those women who still want volume, taking some of your own fat and putting it in the breast, it works to give you some augmentation and using an implant. Then, of course, Mike is putting fat in the backside, the so-called Brazilian butt lift.

DR. MIKE MORENO: Right. I think another big thing is recovery time, right? I mean, God, the recovery time for surgeries and plastic surgeries, I mean, pretty much every surgery now. You’re getting this beautiful look almost immediately with a much shorter recovery time, I would imagine.

DR. DREW ORDON: Both things being done on an outpatient basis. Bigger cases, we like to send them to a recovery facility for 1 or 2 nights, but dramatic… I mean, back in my day training, the Attendings, they have their facelifts in the hospital for days. I mean, that is unheard of. We do it in our surgery centers and if necessary they can go to recovery centers to recover.

DR. MIKE MORENO: Ok, so we talked a little bit about breast implants and breast implant illness. We talked a little bit about body sculpting. Let’s move to the face, right? We spoke about this earlier, the Zoom boom. I know you’re especially excited about the direct lip lift, which you call, and I’m going to pronounce this properly… Brigitte Bardot procedure.

DR. DREW ORDON: Acceptable. Said it so well, my friend. I mean, if you go back to Brigitte Bardot, her lips back in the day in her early 20s, she had those sex kitten lips and you look at them now, they’ve dramatically changed. That’s part of the aging process. Aging lips age like everything else, that distance from the bottom of the nose or the top of the lip elongates. It stretches and makes the face look long. You lose volume in your lips when you smile. You can’t see your incisor teeth back in her day. Brigitte would smile, and you would see part of her in size her teeth. So, it’s a whole look of the lip, upper lip and around the mouth.

So, there’s only one way to achieve that, and people are trying to do it with fillers. You’ve seen this on the streets of San Diego, wherever you go. When you try to just inflate those lips, you know what you get quack, quack, Donald Duck and blown up like a sausage. Once you put it in, I mean, some of it will go away, but you are creating some pretty unnatural looks. So that is the evolution of why the direct lip lift by actually removing tissue below the nose, you lift the lip, you reduce that distance from the bottom of the nose to the lip. You get the corner of the mouth up a much more youthful look. When you smile, it’s a much more youthful smile.

So, this is a procedure that didn’t really exist when I was in training. It’s a really powerful procedure. Maybe not for everybody. When you talk about all, you are putting an incision right on the face. For most people, that incision does very, very well.

DR. MIKE MORENO: I imagine you tuck it under quite well, you’re not going to really see it at most people are going to be focusing on the mouth in that area and you’re going to be you’re going to be doing the O-Lift, right? The Oh, look, who did this? I mean, you got to love that.

Let me ask you this. Let’s say someone comes to you and says, I want to do something. I want to look better in some aspect. What do you think is the biggest bang for your buck? What would you say? That’s a loaded question. I know. You know someone, you’re with one of your best friends, you’re having dinner and he says to you, “you know, god, what do you think? I don’t want to spend tons and tons, hundreds of thousands. What do you think is the best thing I can do for myself”?

DR. DREW ORDON: Well, that’s a great question, and Michael, it all depends on the age of the patient and what they want. If you want drastic changes, then you know, Botox and fillers, although they may help aren’t the solution. If you’ve gotten up there in the years and you want to look better. If you put your money into fillers, Botox, minimally invasive, it’s probably a waste of your money. You have a better bang for your buck doing a bigger procedure, such as a facelift.

So, it all depends on the age, but we have something for everybody. In your 20s, you should be getting skin care. Facials are great. You can be getting photo facials if you form lines early on from the way you use your muscles getting Botox at an early age. There’s no doubt about it, Michael, that it will keep those lines at bay and keep them from becoming really deep that will be much more difficult to treat. So, starting early will help and then it’s a progression. Somebody in their 30s who may want to look better, more refreshed, maybe cleaning up the eyelids a little or maybe adding some volume. Maybe if it were more of a sun damaged thing, I would just recommend a fractional two laser resurfacing that’ll help fine lines tighten the skin brown spots.

So really there is something for every age group, and it all depends what your goal is on. I mean, I think the point I’m trying to make is that if you wait and you’re up there, things have fallen a little bit doing the more conservative things probably is not money well spent.

DR. MIKE MORENO: Yeah, and I think people want to look for these non-invasive ways, and I talked to my buddy about this all the time and he’s like, listen, you’re only going to get so far with these fillers and things.

DR. DREW ORDON: The radio frequency, non-invasive tightening procedures called Thermage. I like Thermage. I’ve been doing this on my face for years that if you start at a relatively young age, I started in my 40s. I think it’s additive that you get a little bit of lifting and tightening. I think you know how old I am. I’m hanging in there pretty good.

DR. MIKE MORENO: Man, you look great. Let me ask you this, I have heard, and this is what I tell my patients, I hope I’m right. It’s important to hydrate. Hydrating your skin critical and to protect yourself from sun damage.

DR. DREW ORDON: Those are the two biggest things, Michael and our skin, the largest organ of the body and good skin health ties into all our other bodily symptoms, all of those things that we talk about for other parts of our body, and good heart health hold true for the skin. So, you know, not smoking, being at a good weight, eating the right things, plenty of fruits and vegetables, hydrating, eating those kinds of things that keep you hydrated. As you alluded to, single most important thing is protection from the elements. The sun being the biggest thing, especially for us in Southern California. Other things that if you’re in a really dry environment indoors during the winter, you have to make sure that you’re hydrating and keeping things moisturized.

DR. MIKE MORENO: Yeah, and I tell my patients all the time, I do primary care or family medicine, and I tell people, there are 5 things you have to do. You have to stay active. You have to stay hydrated. You have to eat healthy. Don’t smoke. If you do, always be trying to quit or cut back. Number 5, is you have to manage your stress. I think to myself, when people are stressed, they contort their face in certain ways.

DR. DREW ORDON: 100% those are the goals. You touched on exercise, I think I forgot that one, but exercising translates to your skin to your skin, all over your body, skin tone, and quality of skin. Exercise is so important, getting that heart pumping blood flow everywhere. It’s all about good circulation.

DR. MIKE MORENO: Listen. You are changing lives. I say that seriously and from a big place in my heart. I think when I went to medical school and I came out, we had like 180 people in our class and some people go into this and that and the other. I went into primary care because I love talking to people. I love their story. I love gaining from people and sharing with others and others go into other fields of medicine. We all have a role and a purpose in what we do, and it’s so gratifying. I thank you for the efforts that you do every day and have done for decades.

DR. DREW ORDON: Thank you, and to your point that we all went to medical school, we chose different specialties, but guess what? We need to be good docs first, and it’s all the stuff that we preach about, good eating and exercising and maintaining a stable weight. All of those things. It’s our job to tell our patients that whatever our specialty is.

DR. MIKE MORENO: Right and start early. Get these habits instilled early in life so that they do not become effort, they just become part of what you do every day.


DR. MIKE MORENO: Beautiful. My friend. I can’t thank you enough for your wisdom. Your expertise.

DR. DREW ORDON: Well, congratulations on your podcast, you’re killing it and always a pleasure to see you. You’re a super doc, my friend.

DR. MIKE MORENO: I appreciate you so much, where can we send people to find the good Doctor Ordon?

DR. DREW ORDON: It’s not too hard to find me, Michael. You can follow me on social media, Instagram, Facebook. That’s @AndrewOrdon or go to my website My offices are in Rancho Mirage and Beverly Hills.

DR. MIKE MORENO: Awesome, my friend. Be well, take care of yourself. Always a pleasure, and thanks for spending some time.

DR. DREW ORDON: Likewise.

DR. MIKE MORENO: Thank you so much, Dr. Drew. Love that guy. Wealth of knowledge. Now for the Weekly RX. A lot of good stuff, but there are a couple nuggets here that I think are critical. I think Dr. Ordon touched on this.

There’s something for everybody out there. It depends on what you need for yourself. We’re all different. I think doing your research, learning, and having realistic expectations, but there’s something for everybody. He also talked about something really important, which is self-care, right? Eating healthy following a healthy diet, fruits and vegetables, hydrating, being active, exercising all of these things that we talk about. It’s not just important for the inside, but it’s important for the outside as well.

Lastly, protect your skin early. Keep it moisturized. Protect yourself from sun damage because down the road, those are the things that can not only lead to problems aesthetically, but skin cancers and a lot of other stuff. So that’s what I got for you. We were lucky to have this gentleman.

Don’t forget to subscribe for free, download and listen to Wellness Inc. with me, Dr. Mike Moreno on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen. Follow me on social @The17DayDiet. Take care, guys. The Wellness, Inc. with Dr. Mike Moreno podcast is for informational and entertainment purposes only and is not intended as a replacement or substitution for any professional, medical, financial, legal, or other advice, diagnosis, or treatment. This podcast does not constitute the practice of medicine or any other professional service. The use of any information provided during this podcast is at the listeners own risk for medical or other advice appropriate to your specific situation, please consult a physician or other trained professional. Thank you.


About This Episode

On this episode of Wellness, Inc. Dr. Mike Moreno welcomes Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Professor at USC and co-host of The Doctors, Dr. Drew Ordon.

Dr. Ordon introduces the new phenomenon of the Zoom Boom and explains why plastic surgery procedures are exploding! Dr. Ordon tells you everything you need to know about the discovery of breast implant illness and how to keep yourself safe. Learn all about the latest trends and techniques in plastic surgery.

What is the New O Lift? What are the new advancements in high def body sculpting? What is a direct lip lift and why is Dr. Ordon so excited about it?

The two doctors discuss how plastic surgery is radically different than it was 30 years ago with less scarring, less infection, less bleeding, less recovery time, and so many more options to look and feel your absolute best!

Stay tuned for Dr. Ordon to answer the question he is asked most often- what do I do to get the most bang for my buck?


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