9 Superfoods that ‘turn back the clock’ on your sleep, brain and joints

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17 Day Diet Superfoods

Not all food is created equal. In fact, certain foods are so nutrient-dense and packed with antioxidants that they are considered “superfoods.”

Superfoods fuel your body so it can fight back against chronic disease and aging.  These powerhouse foods also help you lose weight faster, feel more energetic, and lead to a full night’s sleep.

That’s why the 17 Day Diet is packed with superfood selections like: leafy greens, nuts, olive oil, whole grains, yogurt, Brussels sprouts, tomatoes, beans and more.

Combining these superfoods into your meals will help you avoid these common complaints…

  • “I can’t sleep through the night”
  • “By the middle of the day, I’m dragging.  I have no energy left.”
  • “I have constant back pain.”
  • “My joints are aching”
  • “My digestive system is out of whack.”
  • “I feel sluggish – all the time!”

Sound familiar?

Well, it doesn’t have to and it’s easier to change than you think.

In fact, just by eating these 9 foods you’ll ‘turn back the clock’ on your sleep, brain and joints…

… making you feel YEARS younger the next morning.

Here are those 9 magical ‘super foods’:

1.) Turmeric – Used in Ancient India and China for centuries

2.) Ginger – The ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of superfoods

3.) Reishi Mushroom – The ‘Immortal Youth Tea’ in ancient Japan

4.) Lemon Balm – Used by nuns in the 1600s for relaxation & sleep

5.) Turkey Tail Mushroom – The ‘magic cure-all’ among Native Americans

6.) Coconut Milk – ‘Sneaks’ healthy vitamins into your bloodstream

7.) Cinnamon – Prized by ancient healers for thousands of years!

8.) Acacia Fiber Prebiotic – “Food” for your healthy gut bacteria

9.) Black Pepper Piperine – Makes restorative foods 20 times stronger!

Now I know what you’re probably thinking…

“Where in the heck am I supposed to find things like Turkey Tail Mushroom and Acacia Fiber Prebiotic?!”

I hear you…

Luckily there’s a pre-made mixture of these ‘superfoods’ that’s so potent, it’ll KNOCK YOU OUT like a baby every night

While also making your tastebuds jump with JOY with the delicious, creamy taste.

(Eat your heart out Starbucks.)

It’ll also help you wake up sharper, clearer, and feeling like a million bucks.

Just like these guys:

“Loving it! I’m not a good sleeper. I wake up a lot and get andfoot cramps…I am sleeping much better and can’t remember the last time I had a cramp. Looking forward to sleeping through
the night.”

– Debra G. (Verified Buyer)

“Wow! What a relaxing hot beverage. I tried it because I wanted to relax before I went to bed. (It)really does work. I was able to sleep for most of the night. The flavors are definitely a treat for the tastebuds.”
– Gwendolyn H. (Verified Buyer)

The best part – the taste.   No other green juice has the same minty, fresh, refreshing “smoothie-like” flavor with a hint of sweetness.  And there’s no “sub-par” foods added that would dilute the effect or risk contamination.

That’s why it’s the only green juice I recommend.  So, if you’re ready to:

—Supercharge your metabolism so you can melt belly fat
—Fill your body with vitamins and minerals so your skin looks 10 years younger
—And eat the healthiest foods on the planet so you have natural, long lasting energy all day long

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9 Superfoods

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